World of War Games: A History of Wargaming

Beginning in the late 1990s, the Cyprus-based Wargaming Group Limited established itself as a developer of military strategy games. In 2010, Wargaming launched the massively multiplayer online, free-to-play hit game World of Tanks, which blended strategic team-based gameplay with thrilling tank battles. Played by millions, World of Tanks and Wargaming’s subsequent games appealed to the company’s and players’ passions for war games, military history, and authentic recreations of historical vehicles.

The Strong’s World of War Games: A History of Wargaming draws on a unique assemblage of artifacts from the International Center for the History of Electronic Games’ Wargaming Collection, 2000-2018 and the museum’s collection of thousands of war games to present the history of Wargaming Group Limited and its games.