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The Strong museum offers a unique and memorable setting for meetings, receptions, and other special events. Whether it's a business meeting for a dozen, a dinner for 25, or a reception for 250, the museum has just the right space to meet any host's needs.

Strong Spaces

Discover the museum’s playful spaces:

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G. Rollie Adams Atrium

Located on the first floor in the heart of the museum’s exhibit galleries, the G. Rollie Adams Atrium is a bright, spacious area ideally suited (during non-public hours) for:

  • receptions
  • dinner parties
  • elegant events


  • Reception: 200
  • Seated event: 150

Activity Rooms

Located on the first floor, and at a distance from public spaces, activity rooms B and C/D offer ample, flexible space for:

  • off-site staff retreats
  • corporate meetings
  • dinners
  • parties

Activity rooms feature:

  • AV equipment for presentation needs
  • LCD projectors
  • pull-down projection screens
  • retractable walls between rooms C and D to accommodate flexibility in set-up and capacity

Capacity for room B

  • Conference: 40
  • Reception: 40
  • Seated event: 36
  • Theater-style: 40

Capacity for rooms C and D

  • Conference: 40 per room
  • Reception: 60 per room (120 combined)
  • Seated event: 48 per room (100 combined)
  • Theater-style: 60 per room (120 combined)

Main Lobby

This large, welcoming space on the museum’s first floor is available (during non-public hours) for:

  • grazing receptions
  • cocktail parties

The main lobby features:

  • a convenient location near the museum’s main entrance
  • 3 saltwater aquariums to inspire conversation among guests
  • an admissions desk which may be used as a guest registration area


  • Reception: 250
  • Seated event: 100


Located on the first floor right off the main lobby, the theater is an ideal setting for:

  • corporate meetings
  • lectures
  • large presentations

The theater features:

  • stage with podium
  • AV equipment for presentation needs
  • large, comfortable chairs with plenty of leg room
  • an admissions desk which may be used as a guest registration area


  • Theater-seating: 290

Board Room and Lounge

Located on the third floor and accessible by both elevator and stairs, the board room and lounge can be used in tandem or separately for:

  • presentations
  • receptions
  • corporate meetings
  • off-site staff retreats
  • dinners

The board room features:

  • AV equipment for presentation needs
  • ceiling-mounted LCD projector
  • pull-down projection screen

Board room capacity

  • Meeting: 24
  • Reception: 60 (100 when combined with lounge)
  • Seated event: 48 (72 when combined with lounge)
  • Theater-style: 50

Lounge capacity

  • Reception: 60 (100 when combined with board room)
  • Seated event: 60 (72 when combined with board room)
  • Theater-style: 50

Toy Halls of Fame

The Toy Halls of Fame, located on the museum’s second floor, is available during non-public hours. The Toy Halls of Fame provides a playful backdrop for conversation among guests and is ideally suited for:

  • grazing receptions
  • cocktail parties
  • dinner parties

Toy Halls of Fame features:

  • hands-on fun with a 20-foot bubble tower, oversized Crayon piano, and virtual toy room
  • close proximity to other second-floor exhibits including eGameRevolution and Game Time!
  • guest access by both stairs and elevator


  • Reception: 75
  • Seated event: 50

Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden

A visit to the lush, indoor butterfly garden on the museum’s first floor can be added to a reception or special event (during non-public hours). Call 585-410-6332 for details.

Entire Museum

Planning a larger event? The entire museum includes two floors of exhibit spaces for guests to enjoy. Hosts will be available to assist with the exhibit experience. Call 585-410-6332 for details.


A list of museum-approved caterers is available upon request.

Additional Information

To receive information on how the museum can serve specific event needs, please fill out the Facility Rentals Inquiry Form. Additional questions may be directed to Debie Himmelsbach at dhimmelsbach@museumofplay.org or 585-410-6332.

Corporate Partner Benefits

Corporate Partner members may qualify for waived or discounted rental fees. For more information about the Corporate Partners program, please contact Hillary Bobys, Director of Corporate and Strategic Relations at hbobys@museumofplay.org or 585-410-6302.

The museum is not available for political, religious, or fundraising events.